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The upcoming Star Circuit of Champions slate has been expanded to include two events, adding to an already impressive 61-race campaign.

The trip to the Show Me State on July 29 is the first time the Traveling Stars have visited Lake Ozark Speedway since the premiere in 2014. It will kick off a three-day campaign in Missouri and Iowa and help navigate a busy stretch of the Midwest. The weekend continues with a two-day stop in Franklin, Missouri, the third and final stop on the circuit. To make it the most successful weekend in the history of the Star Circuit of Champions, a trip to Franklin will round off a weekend that was ignited after the success of the two events last year in St. Louis and Kansas City.

A date already set for Sunday, June 6, has also been confirmed in Wisconsin. The marquee is located on the west side of Madison, north of the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Madison.

It is therefore no surprise that its architectural details have earned it a place on the National Register of Historic Sites, which it is. The area was developed between 1901 and 1941 and includes many of the oldest buildings in the city, as well as many other historic buildings.

It has received numerous first place awards and other awards, and its organizers have been honored with first place honors, including from the Missouri Historical Society, the Missouri Museum of Natural History, the St. Louis Public Library, and Missouri State University.

The winner will receive $6,000 and the winners will each receive $8,500. The All-Star Travelers will host their annual St. Louis State Fair on Sunday, May 2. Also on the program on Thursday, July 29, is a ceremony at the Missouri Museum of Natural History, which will also include members of the Southeastern Missouri Historical Society, Missouri State University, the University of Missouri - Columbia School of Public Health and other community members.

It is planned that the Landesmesse will erect a new structure in August as a replacement for the director's tent. KDRO reports that the director's pavilion will be erected on the west side of the St. Louis County Fairgrounds at the corner of Main and Main Streets.

Visitors can take their orientation from local historical exhibits, many of which explain the importance of the railway to the city. Angell Park will end with a four-day trek through Illinois and Wisconsin, stopping in St. Louis County for the first time since the 2021 Star Campaign began. Visitors can listen to an audio guide by Dr. Leroy D. Miller, director of research at the Missouri State Museum of Natural History, at 660-202-1156.

Centennial Park is worth a stop, as the picturesque red-roofed bridge provides a great backdrop for holiday snaps. Many people love to find special pieces of jewelry to give away or add to their Christmas tree, and Hotel Bothwell offers guests and visitors the opportunity to shop and find the perfect complement to their jewelry collection. People can also take a trip to the St. Louis County Natural History Museum to take photos of their beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

Missouri has implemented some of the largest projects in the last decade, and now the Missouri State Fairgrounds are used year-round - and generate revenue. Governor Parson also praised the major steel producer in the United States who supplied the steel for the pavilion. The steel mill opened in late January and is part of a larger project that Missouri has pushed forward in recent decades: St. Louis International Airport.

The season includes a variety of events, from organized athletics leagues and tournaments to the Missouri State Fair and St. Louis County Fairgrounds.

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More About Sedalia