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This new building at 311 West Third Street was built to replace a small library in the basement of the Pettis County Courthouse. The building has a dining room and offices on the second floor and houses the Sedalia Public Library.

Officials, including the sheriff of Black Hawk County, Iowa, were critical of Tyson Foods after the outbreak began at the company's plant in Waterloo, Iowa. Tyson closed the Waterloo plant on April 22, and authorities in Sedalia, Missouri, the state's second-largest city, closed their schools. The college was in operation until April 26, 1925, after merging with the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the Missouri State College of Agriculture.

First, bricks had to be brought in from Boonville, Washington, and Jefferson City in 1866, when a brickyard was established three miles north of the city. They built the first grocery store in Sedalia, the first of its kind in the state, and moved their large businesses from Otterville and Syracuse to Tipton, including Sedia. They also moved to Georgetown, a county town just a few miles north of Sedalia.

The railroad continued to build and set up a depot on the east side of Third and Engineer Streets, and the Missouri Pacific Railroad also had a station on the corner of Second and Third Streets, just north of downtown. On the west side, the depot was shortened by the St. Louis and Kansas City Railroad, today Kansas and Missouri Railroad.

Today, Sedalia is a thriving municipality with numerous businesses, including numerous historic buildings registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the former St. Louis and Kansas City railroad depot, built for $410,000, is on the National Register of Historic Sites and served for many years as a center of social and business activities in Sedia.

Since 1974, the Missouri State Fairgrounds has been used to host one of the largest and least-remembered major music festivals in the country. The city hosts the Scott Joplin Festival every year in early June and continues to welcome nearly 400,000 visitors each August to Kansas City-St. Louis International Airport and the state fairgrounds.

The Sedalia Waterworks was built in 1872-73, and the Missouri Pacific Railroad built a brick building. The Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroads set up a hospital, and a roundabout for them was located on Broadway and in Hancock. A second line brought a gas plant that produced gas from coal to provide gas and light, the gas works were reorganized, while numerous railroad workers, cowboys and other travelers also made their way to the city. The Line Depot was established in Fifth Avenue, a Line Depot on Broadway, an office building on Third and Main and an open-air gas station on Hancock and Broadway.

More Pacific business led to a significant population increase in Sedalia, as the city employed about 2,000 men working on one of the two railroad lines at the time.

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